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Thanet Weather station status
24/12/18 remote sensor transmitter battery's replaced
4/11/18 Wind direction indicator replaced due to sticking bearing
New records set in July 2018 records for my station start from January 2009
Highest minimum temperature 19.7 degrees  25 July 2018
Longest dry period 23 day to 19 July 2018
22/5/18 Rain gauge not operating found spiders web around tipping bucket the spiders are now homeless
and its working again,

13/4/18 wind direction indicator sticking unit replaced.
7/3/18 following the upgrade FTP was interrupted stopping reatime data being uploaded this has now been corrected

6/3/18 site service provider is being upgraded if you have trouble loading the site or see 404 messages 
please clear your browser cache this should resolve the issue.

3 march 2018 no snowfall since 19:00 hrs 2/3/18 thaw in progress and rain forecast
total snow fall approx 45mm since 26/2/18

2 march 2018 approx 20mm of snowfall since 19:00 hrs 1/3/18
1 march 2018 approx 3mm of snowfall since 19:00 hrs 28/2/18
27 to 28 Feb. 2018 approx 10mm of snowfall since 19:00 hrs 27/2/18
26 to 27 Feb. 2018 approx 12mm of snowfall upto 19:00 hrs 27/2/18
15/1/18  Site now transferred and appears to be operating normally any issues please let me know
14/1/18 Site hosting is being moved to a new provider this  may cause some disruption to service
12/12/17 Humidity stuck at 40% please ignore this until I find a solution
1/11/17 remote sensor transmitter battery's replaced

5/1/17 remote sensor transmitter battery's replaced
16/7/16 Wind vane replaced due to sticking bearing under low wind conditions
18/6/16 Weather station index page unavailable due to an encoding issue now resolved apologies for any inconvenience

25/1/16 remote sensor transmitter battery's replaced

02/1/16 Corrected incorrect entry's in all time records file
22/11/15 Wind speed anemometer replaced
14/11/15 Wind speed now working correctly following temp repair

13/11/15 wind speed sensors have failed replacements are on order normal service will be resumed ASAP
01/01/09 Weather station setup and recording data



Data produced by this station is constantly quality checked against other stations
Awekas data quality control

Do not make important decisions based on information provided by
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